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 'Why Good Women Date Bad Men' 
by Helen Watson-Jones

" My young player, Tractor Man, didn’t call. A week went by. He wasn’t much of a texter but in all the months we’d known each other, he’d never gone a week without calling. Tumbleweed and I was LIVID! 

I had resisted him, I had told him that the age gap was too big and no I did not want to go to the farmers market with him. My sheep was in its pen and there was no way I was pulling my wellies on. Yet HE had jumped into his tractor, driven the miles and turned back up in MY village pub, dangled his fresh young vedge in front of my face and now I was as pickled as Marjorie’s prize-winning beetroot! "

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"A Book of Light & Shade. Hilarious Dating Stories Combined With Dark Warnings

20 Reasons WHY and 26 Exercises to do

For Women Who Just Don't Understand Why They Keep Choosing The Bad Guys!!"


'Why Good Women Date Bad Men'
by Helen Watson Jones

Why Good Women

"I'm almost crying!! The dating stories are so funny and the book is so good at describing 

how dating bad men doesn't work...absolutely brilliant!" 

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