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Why Good Women...

Helen Watson-Jones

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About Helen ...

Hi, I am Helen....I am an Author, qualified Dating and Happiness Coach and 

a Good Women! 

I haven’t always been though…it’s been a bumpy and wobbly rollercoaster of a life to get to this point, I can tell you! My story is so similar to many other women’s who have dated Bad Men, perhaps that’s your story too!

Not long after this picture was taken, I found myself single again in my mid-forties, heartbroken, shocked and utterly broken inside. I was homeless and jobless again too, for the second time in my life and very, very scared. 

Why did this keep happening to me?

So back on the dating treadmill again, for the next three years, I slowly dragged myself out of the emotional gutter and begrudgingly dragged myself to countless disastrous dates, trying in vain to find the love and happiness that I had always dreamt of. 

What was I doing wrong?

Demoralized and bewildered by a dating world that had left me even more lonely and even more lacking in self-esteem than when I had started, I began to realise that it was time for a new plan of action. Armed with newly learnt knowledge and a newly found self-love, I changed EVERYTHING about how I had been looking for love. 

It worked! 

Within a very short time, I had found the man of my dreams, we had fallen in love and he had proposed to me on our third date

Now I had a better story to tell and my story was of finding love, not heartbreak anymore! I had experience, I had knowledge and I had advice to share on how not to let yourself go down that rabbit hole and end up a beautiful, soft, lovable bunny on the outside but a scared, broken little rabbit on the inside. 

I began to coach friends on how to find love with my Dating Plan too and it worked!

"Why Good Women Date Bad Men" started to take shape in my mind. I realised that not only could I help friends but I could help many other women too, to prevent the heartbreak of dating the wrong men for them and to enable them to find ‘Their One’ and OH BOY did I want to do that!

So that is how my book and my Dating Coaching and Self-Love Courses started, a journey from scared, broken little me to empathetic, supporting and empowering Coach, with a desire to help other Good Women. 

I got myself out of that rabbit hole, fell in love with my husband and fell in love with me! 

I can help you to do that too! xx

About 'Why Good Women' Book Series ...

'Why Good Women Date Bad Men' is the first in a series of empowering books teaching the skills to recognise and to break bad habits that are causing you unhappiness. Habits that are very easy to slip into with learnt behaviours, social influencing and manipulation by others. But it's not all doom and gloom, far from it! 

The books contain a lot of humour, and a lot of funny stories from myself and other fabulous peeps who are more than happy to expose the calamitous side to finding and living a happy life. 

They contain many reasons 'Why' you may be stuck in a cycle that is restricting your access to your true happy self and they contain exercises to help you get to grips with where you are at and where you want to be on your happiness scales.