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Dating Coaching

Your DatingPlan & 12 Step Dating Program are exclusively designed for Good Women 

and they come from a place of for you and love for your needs!

So whether you choose my 12 week Dating Course or my one off Dating E-Book, lets get you on the right path to your LOVE!

Dating can be avery lonely world...I know, I've been there until, after years of truly disastrous dating, 

I got myself  a brand new Dating Plan and with it, met and married my 'ONE'

It is my goal to share the secrets in my plan to finding Love, with YOU! 

My goal is to make sure that you don't feel alone anymore in your quest for love. 

To make sure you feel empowered, confident and knowledgeable with Your own new Dating Journey and that you feel secure andsupportedin making good choices to bring the love you want, to you. 

We will have fun too because isn't that how falling in love should be? 

A magical journey of everything you've ever dreamt of!!! 

Not endless hours of backwards and forwards emails and text, not disappointing dates and confusing silences 

after you've shared your inner self and get attached to him. 

Let's get real with this Dating lark together... I have helped many women and I  want to help YOU!

So, let's get you on Your Dating Plan or 12 Step Dating Program,

 get you targeted and let's get you results!! 

Your Dating Plan - 12 Week Dating Course                  12 Step Dating Program - Dating E-Book

Your Dating Plan

Dating Coaching With Helen

I want you to find LOVE, with me!!

Helen xx

 I have, after years of disastrous dating! I met and married the man of my dreams and I want that for you too!


But it's a little more complicated than that isn't it, this dating malarkey is a little different now and a LOT more confusing. It's not as simple as "you look nice, you like the look of me too, shall we go on a date?" and the old rules and boundaries just don't seem to apply anymore! 

What's with that??

Sooo, what's a Good Women to do?!

Take my 12 week Dating Course that's what!

If you are stuck in a never ending 'try them on for size' dating game, where you are investing so much emotion, time and money but getting absolutely no-where then this is definitely the course for you!

No BS, just straight talking, female supporting, tried and tested advice, backed up with sciency bits from my trusted professionals and a whole lotta ' you can make this happen' exercises, videos, podcasts, and instant connection social media groups.

We're intelligent women aren't we, we know what we want, we just need to learn the ways to get it!!

My 12 week Dating Course 'Your Dating Plan'

will show you how. 

On this course:

We will work together to peel back the layers of your dating so far and change the course of your dating journey to achieve the results that you really want!

We will work through exercises to discover and reaffirm what your inner relationship needs really are…it’s easy to loose sight of those when you are on the dating treadmill!

We will get real about what that dream guy of yours really looks like, inside and out and I will guide you on where he is hiding out. I will coach you on how to approach him, how to engage with him and how to ensure he understands your needs to ensure your relationship begins to flourish and really lasts!  

12 Step Dating Program 

A No-Nonsense Guide To Dating

Tired of the dating rollercoaster?

Fed up of getting hurt??

Let's take a different approach that gets results!!

Helen xx

Here is a question and I can only ask this of you because I have been down at my rock bottom, are you sick and tired of dating? Have you all but given up or given up completely? 

Don't blame can be exhausting, humiliating, demoralising and a myriad of other words that we can all use to describe a process that can leave you utterly raw!  

Good Women deserve better!!

Don't you wish there was another way...

There is! My 12 Step Dating Program!!

My results driven E-Book can save you from all that pain, from all that uncertainty and from all that wasted time!

Each of the 12 Steps is set out simply and clearly, telling you exactly how to navigate those first connections, those first few dates and avoid attachment and disappointment.


Teaching you how to have your dating system, your dating rules and your dating comfort levels in place before, during and after your dates.

We are Good Women of value and we want a Good Man that values us, we just need to learn the ways to get him!!

My 12 Step Program E-Book will show you how.  

On this program:

I'm going to share with you exactly what I did when I changed my method of dating. Back when I had almost given up on men, I consulted the professionals, a councillor, a psychiatrist and I did a WHOLE lot of research to come up with a completely new way for me to date that would get me the man of my dreams, the man I wanted to marry. I still held out hope that he was out there and I needed to know how to find him!!  

I did and he asked me to marry him on our 3rd date!

I have, since then, coached many Good Women on how to do the same with the 12 Step Program 

and Weddings and babies and blissful retirements are the wonderfully happy results! 

Now I want to share it with YOU!

Lovely Thank You Message!

Your advice is so sensitive and supportive, it calmed me down so much to have someone who really understands guiding me because dating is exhausting and to have someone say you are strong, you can do this, helps so much. I was so naïve and gullible before I met you and learned how to talk to men and set my boundaries. 

Your advice to let time pass until my mind is clearer and I really understand my emotions has changed my life. 

I am now shouting the word “Dignity” from the rooftops!

Course  Prices & 

Program Outline

Payment accepted in most currencies, automatically converted at time of payment. 

1 Payment for 12 Week Course

£750 GBP

What to expect on Your Dating Plan Course

* An individual E-Book for each of the 12 weeks, emailed straight to you once a week, containing HUGE amounts of information, guidance and professional expertise. 

* Every week has several Exercises for you to do, helping you to set your Dating Goals & Dating Aims and nailing down your negotiables and non-negotiables in Your Dating Journey Plan

* Over the 12 Weeks, we will weed out the sabotaging behaviours on BOTH sides that limit Dating Success and we will plant the seeds of confidence in you, to make those flowers of love grow. 

* You will learn how to 'Not Date Potential' and how to accurately choose THE One for you with self knowledge & external certainty

* We will create Your Dating Plan as we go through each of the 12 Weeks, changing your Dating Strategy and Relationship Success right from Week 1 

* There is also a whole bunch of support material each week to dip into, including Scientific Studies, Psychological Reports and Videos and Podcasts

* You will have immediate access the the 'Why Good Women' community so that you are no longer going it alone, with a private 'Dating Plan Facebook Group' that you can join and public Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages to pop onto with regular updates - there is even a weekly Playlist on YouTube! 

I think you'll agree that's a WHOLE lot of Dating Success knowledge and support 

coming your way!!

Helen xx

What will I learn?

Your Relationship Desires, Needs and Wants

Your Happiness Workbook

Re-programming your Limited Beliefs of Dating

Have Fun!

Identifying & Finding Your Perfect Partner

Emotional Energy & Physical Time

Dating etiquette, Body Language & Comfort Zones

Information extraction, observation, signals

Practical Dating, Where To, How To & On Your Terms

Rejection is NOT personal, Leaving with Dignity

Follow up & Compatible Progression 

Your full 10 page Dating Plan

1 Payment for 12 Step E-Book

£59 GBP

What will I learn?

 Finding and Identifying Your Potential Dates

Creating Your Dating Rules and Your Dating Journey

 Learning Self-Protection, Exclusivity and 

Relationship Progression

What to expect from Your E-Book

* An E-Book containing 20 pages PACKED with information  straight from me on how to, when to and when not to. 

* Advice on what to look for, what to ask for and when 

to do that. 

* Lessons on how many, how often and how long.


* Teachings on self-esteem, self-protection and 


* Links to further Blog Posts and Support Pages

* Immediate access the the 'Why Good Women' community so that you are no longer going it alone, with a private 

'12 Week Program Facebook Group' that you can join and public Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages to pop onto with regular updates - there is even a weekly Playlist on YouTube!

I'm sure you'll agree that's a WHOLE lot of Dating Success knowledge and support

coming your way!!

Helen xx

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