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Your Dating Plan - 12 Week Dating Course

On this course: We will work through exercises together over 12 weeks to discover and re-affirm what your inner relationship needs really are…it’s easy to loose sight of those when you are on the dating treadmill!

We will get real about what that dream guy of yours really looks like, inside and out and I will guide you on where he is hiding out. I will coach you on how to approach him, how to engage with him and how to ensure he understands your needs to ensure your relationship begins to flourish and really lasts!  

With a weekly zoom meeting we will work together to peel back the layers of your dating so far and change the course of your dating journey to achieve the results that you really want!

Your first week will be emailed directly to you, once payment is received plus a private email from me to arrange our first Zoom. Helen xx

Sneaky Peek Inside Week 1

12 Step Dating Program

On this programI'm going to share with you exactly what I did when I changed my method of dating in this Step by Step E-Book

Back when I had almost given up on men, I consulted the professionals, a councillor, a psychiatrist and I did a WHOLE lot of research to come up with a completely new way for me to date that would get me the man of my dreams, the man I wanted to marry. I still held out hope that he was out there and I needed to know how to find him!! I did find him and he asked me to marry him on our 3rd date! Let's get that for YOU!!

Your 12 Step Dating Program is a no-nonsense guide to the first stages of dating. Each of the 12 Steps is set out simply and clearly, telling you exactly how to navigate those first connections, those first few dates and avoid attachment and disappointment.

I teach you how to have your dating system, your dating rules and your dating comfort levels in place before, during and after your dates.

We are Good Women of value and we want a Good Man that values us, we just need to learn the ways to get him!! Helen xx

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